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Experiences of Laser hair removal from our wonderful customers!

This is a  superb experience. I used to have to pull out using tweezers and everyday the hair used to just come back harder. After one treatment, I didn’t have to pull out any hair and there was 90% reduction in the hair in the area. And the little hair that grew back was very fine, a far cry from the thick hair that I had.

Soumya S.

I used to have to wax or thread my full face almost every week between waxing sessions I used to tweeze. After I got my first laser treatment the amount of growth was reduced so much, I was totally impressed and happy that I dont have to go through my weekly hair removal ritual anymore. Thanks a bunch.

V C.

I am thrilled with the results after just one treatment! I usually had to pluck the hairs on my chin and cheeks every other day. After just 0ne treatment almost all the hair disappeared. the stray hairs that did appear were very fine. My skin tone has also improved dramatically. Best of all the treatment was almost pain free.

R Raju

I was here before with the neck facial hair and chin every week. I was tired of it, and tired of such high maintenance every week! My facial hair was very fine, black and visible on my fair skin. The hair was very visible and not smooth. After a few treatments it has been a great experience! I came back after more than a month with only some patches of hair and much smoother skin. This has been only a few treatments and I can already see the difference.

Anonymous (Fairfax)

I have been coming to Aunt’s for a long time waxing the embarrassing facial hair that would grow immediately. After I did the laser treatment, I didn’t even remember that I needed to come in. The hair reduced that much! The treatment itself was fast and didn’t hurt at all. I recommend it because something that was a source of embarrassment doesn’t exist anymore!

I was here to check what laser was and tried it first time. The first treatment itself showed a lot of improvement. By second session hair was scarce on my upper lip, neck and chin. It was a great experience. I am happy that now I have almost smoother skin after second session. Thanks to Aruna and Laxmi.

Sweta (Herndon)

Getting laser done has been a fantastic experience> i do not have to worry about covering up my face with so much makeup. Getting upper lips done has just made my life so much easier. I do not have to worry about bleaching or threading it. I would definitely recommend it to every women who feels the need of getting it done. It really does feel great! thanks to Aruna & Laxmi 🙂

P Patel

Laser Hair removal by Laxmi and Aruna is amazing! What a relief you get from it you can’t imagine. No pain, no worries of shaving, waxing, threading and most important no guilt feeling when looking in a mirror. After 5 seatings of laser treatment I completely forgot that I had hair on my upper lips and chin. I would say go for it if you need. It is only remedy for your chin and upper lips hair and feel great! My sincere thanks to Laxmi and Arun. I really admire their work, love and passion to the clients!

Love, AAL

I started Laser for my underarms and now after looking at the difference I am so happy with the results. I used to have  a shadow from my thick hair even right after shaving but now my hair is so thin it looks freshly shaved at the time. It worked wonders and it saves so much time, everyone should try it. I highly recommend it. I’m even thinking about getting the rest of my body.

S Hamidi

The Laser treatment is definitely working for me! I’m so glad I’m getting it done. The hair is so much finer and I can totally see the difference with just the third time. Aruna and Lakshmi are very friendly and wonderful to work with. I would recommend this to anyone who wants finer hair. I’m thinking of getting it done on my under arms next session. Great results couldn’t have made a better decision than this! Thank you guys!

Juliet P

Getting Laser done has been one of the greatest decisions I have made. It has made taking care of my face and body much easier. I have always had struggles w/ my hair and am so glad to finally find a solution that saves me time and stress. The hair barely comes back and is much finer which is amazing! I never imagined the results to be this great and am so thankful for them! 🙂




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